LegUp ’23: That’s a wrap!

MSPs and vendors joined us for a free virtual Channel event on June 1, 2023. We shared Synthesize platform news, welcomed top industry speakers, hosted both a pitch party and a M&A speed networking event and raced around the event space on 32-bit go-karts. It was a blast! 

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Watch Colin Knox, CEO & Co-Founder, as he presents his CEO Keynote of the event.  

CEO Keynote

Colin Knox shares big news about integrations and unveils the Synthesize Integration Marketplace.

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The Future of Gradient MSP

Ryan Barker, CXO & Co-Founder and Rick Stern, Product Director, provide more details about the platform announcements shared in the CEO Keynote.

Quickfires sponsored by Channel Program

Matt Solomon, Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer at Channel Program, hosts a pitch session.

Creating the Building Blocks to Scaling & Running a $100M+ ARR MSP

Michelle Accardi, CEO of Liongard, shares her experience and expertise in growing a successful MSP.

Don't be the Human Element of Surprise

Jim Buchenberger, Director of Sales at Breach Secure Now, takes the stage to talk about How understanding and offering Human security can help you qualify for CLI and build Superhuman Firewalls in your organizations.

The Security Journey of an MSP: Featuring Live Hacks with ChatGPT

Jimmy Hatzell, VP of Revenue at CyberQP, takes the stage and takes the audience through a live demonstration of ChatGPT.

Building a Cult Brand

Don Jeter, CMO of Torq, shares his insight into building a brand that attracts and holds attention.

Beyond Technical Expertise: The Value of Business Training for MSPs

Justin Weller, Director of Business Development at BlackPoint Cyber, takes the stage and makes the case for business training as well as technical expertise within MSPs.

Poultry in Motion: Flocking Towards Automation Maturity in your MSP

Aharon Chernin, Founder & CEO at Rewst, takes the stage and speaks about automation creation and adoption, using just the right amount of bird puns.

Cracking the Code on Custom Integrations

Bryan Chapman, Manager, Partner Success at Gradient MSP, leads an MSP partner panel featuring Kelvin Tegelaar, CTO of Lime Networks and CEO at CyberDrain; Mikey O'Toole, Managing Director at MJCO; and Mauro Cretari, Regional Partner at CIO Landing, who spoke about Custom Integrations on Synthesize.

Power of an Open Ecosystem

Jay McBain, Chief Analyst at Canalys, discusses the power and possibility of open ecosystems in the Channel

Just for fun: these videos are open for viewing. 

LegUp '23 Opening

Hosted by Andrea Ayala, Director, Tech Alliances at Gradient MSP

LegUp '23 Awards and Prize winners

Hosted by Andrea Ayala, Director, Tech Alliances at Gradient MSP, and Colin Knox, CEO & Co-Founder at Gradient MSP.

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